Revival Game Servers Terms of Service


The company in this contract will be referred to as "Revival Game Servers", "RGS", "Us" and "we". The customer will be referred to as "you", "client", "customer", and "buyer". Any product provided by Revival Game Servers will be referred to as "server", "services" and "product". By purchasing any service or making an account on any Revival Game Servers services, you agree with the Terms of Service(TOS) and the Privacy Policy.

Client Restriction

Any customer who purchases from Revival Game Servers must be over the age of sixteen(16) years old to purchase any service provided by Revival Game Servers. In the case of a customer being under the age of sixteen(16), a parent or guardian must provide written approval of the purchase. In the case of the customer being found to be under the age of sixteen(16) without the above approval, the service will be terminated without refund.

The customer must be over the age of thirteen(13) to register an account on any website owned by RGS. The Federal Trade Commission enforces the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which requires us to add this clause. In the case of a client being under the age of thirteen(13), RGS requires written approval by a parent or guardian before registration. In the case of the client being under the age of thirteen(13), the client's account will be removed and a block places to prevent registration.

Cancellation Policy

In the case of a customer wanting to cancel a current service, the customer must contact RGS within Twenty-Four(24) hours before the next payment is required. In the case of the cancellation request not being received in the defined timeframe, the service will continue, and payment will be required.

Refund Policy

Shared Products (Game Servers and Discord Bots)

All shared products purchased from RGS will include a one-day(24 hours) refund guarantee on first time services. In the case of the product not being to the client’s standards, or if the client is unhappy, they will receive a full refund to the payment method they originally paid with, if the request is made within the timeframe listed above.

Improper Use of Service

In the case of the customer using services provided by RGS in any way to harm or prevent usage of our services to other customers, immediate termination of the service will occur without refund. If the customer attempts to use the service in any way to harm the hardware, network, or infrastructure of RGS, the server will be terminated immediately without refund. Using any service provided by RGS in a wrongful way will lead to termination of the service with upfront warning, this applies to the following:

Data Loss

RGS will not be held responsible for the loss of data regarding client services. All clients are responsible for making sure that all their data is backed up using the available tools provided in the panel provided by RGS. In the case of failure to pay, clients will be provided a temporary seven(7) day download of game server files before they are removed from the RGS network. RGS will also not be held liable for any data lost related to trial services.


Even though downtime is rare, sometimes things will happen outside of RGS control. Any downtime caused by RGS systems will be prorated in the form of purchase credit or direct refund. In the case of forty-eight(48) hour downtime, the client will receive a full refund for the service provided by RGS. This downtime will start if the service is rendered completely useless. In the case of buyer-fault, RGS reserves the right to void this refund. RGS monitors all services and will automatically restart offline services unless notice is filed with a Network Administrator.

Trial Services

RGS reserves the right to deny trial services to any customer. Clients are not allowed to have more than a single trial service per service category. In the case of a need for multiple trial services, please contact a Network Administrator for permission. Trial services can be terminated at any time without warning, and data will not be saved.

Client Account

The client may only register an account using their own personal information. Using another individual's personal information breaks the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. In the case of a client using wrongful personal information, the client's account and services will be terminated without refund.

Past Due Payment

The client must make payment for a service before the date of expiration for their service. Any payment after this date will be considered a Past Due Payment. Services provided by RGS will be suspended twenty-four(24) hours after the expiration date of the service, and all data will be available for five(5) days. After five(5) days, the service will be terminated, and the service will be resold to another customer. All client data will be available for seven(7) days after the expiration date of the service. In the case of a late payment, the client understands that the service will be extended one(1) month from the previous expiration date, not the date of payment.

Changes to the Terms of Service

Revival Game Servers reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time. The client will be notified of any changes. Proceeding to purchase after the change of the Terms of Service will be considered agreeance to these terms. These terms were last changed 03/08/2020.