Revival Game Servers Privacy Policy


The company in this contract will be referred to as "Revival Game Servers", "RGS", "Us" and "we". The customer will be referred to as "you", "client", "customer", and "buyer". Any product provided by Revival Game Servers will be referred to as "server", "services" and "product". By purchasing any service or making an account on any Revival Game Servers services, you agree with the Terms of Service(TOS) and the Privacy Policy.

Collected Information

Revival Game Servers only collects information of clients who create an account on RGS websites or purchase a service. No information is collected from individuals who only browse our website.

The information we collect from clients is as followed:

Child Privacy Policy

The Federal Trade Commission requires the client to be over the age of thirteen(13) to register an account on RGS websites as per the Children's Online Privacy Act. Clients under the age of thirteen(13) must provide written permission from a parent or guardian before registration of an account on RGS services. In the case of a client registering an account under the age of thirteen(13) on RGS owned websites without permission, the account will be deleted, and a block will be placed.

Who can access collected information

Revival Game Servers take your privacy very serious. The only individuals who will have access to your information are contracted employees of Revival Game Servers.

Usage of collected information

Information collected by Revival Game Servers may be used in the following manners:

How is your data protected?

Revival Game Servers keeps your personal information protected by making use of SSL Certificates on any websites owned by RGS.

All game servers use industry standard drive encryption, and hardware firewalls to protect unauthorized access to any customer information stored in our systems. All account details are stored using hashing methods which avoid your information being stored in plain text.